At Calluna, one of the most popular products we sell is incense: people of all faiths and backgrounds use incense whether it’s for religious purposes or meditation, just about everyone likes it. Personally, my favourite is definitely jasmine which is a good subtle scent, great for calming nerves, helping with relaxation. So, excellent for meditation.

We stock The Mother’s India Fragrance from Greater Goods, the most beautiful incense, made traditionally in the masala method (a powder of ground ingredients) mixed with natural resin and honey, they are hand rolled to create a far superior and strong incense than others. There are no chemicals used in the masala method only essential oils, flowers and leaves, charcoal and wood powders, the incense we stock is truly natural.

It burns for between 1- 2 hours, slower and the fragrance will last far longer than other.

Not only are The Mother’s India Fragrance fairtrade, Greater Goods donate 5p to charity for every pack of incense sold.

The Mother’s India Fragrance get all of their incense from a company called The Mothers Commerce Company (MCC) which is based in Puducherry, India. They set up around 40 years ago to help combat the unemployment levels among women in the area. Now there are around 125 women employed by them; they have good hours, good wages, paid holiday and medical insurance. MCC also has a money saving scheme, the company allows it employees to save 10% of their wages which MCC then doubles so that when they leave the company they have a good sum of money saved.

The Mother’s India Fragrance and MCC work hard to keep their products sustainable and the best for the environment they can be. For instance they only buy resin from sustainable plantations, they use sea freight to transport their products rather than planes and they have reduced their plastic packaging almost entirely. Greater Goods

The unemployment rates in India are very high so to help do their bit, The Mother’s India Fragrance choose to never use machines so that they can employ more people. Although it can cost more to employ a person and it may take longer for the product to be finished it is worth it in the end if it means that people and their families are able to prosper. 

The marbled paper that wraps the Greater goods incense is handmade in Puducherry, India.

Sustainable Fabric

We have some very exciting news to share! The lovely brand White Stuff has launched their first fairtrade collection. They’ve signed a three year agreement with Fairtrade saying that in their first year they’re “Committed to buying 100 metric tonnes of fairtrade cotton” which is wonderful news! All of their new fairtrade clothes are made of organic cotton organic cotton is not only lovely and soft on the skin but it’s also good for the farmers and the earth because organic cotton is made without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers as well as being grown with non-genetically modified seeds. Because there are no synthetic inputs it means the farmers and environment are exposed to less harmful chemicals. Organic farming also means that the soil stays fertile and the farmer can grow more crops.

Fairtrade Organic cotton might be the only sustainable fabric that White Stuff is currently using but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one out there. In celebration of White stuffs new collection I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular sustainable and fair trade fabrics; all of which we stock at Calluna.

Gorgeously cool and breathable hemp dress

Hemp is one of my personal favourites because I love the way it feels against my skin.  Not only does it have a great feel it’s grown without any pesticides and needs hardly any water to grow. It’s also a lot stronger than cotton so when used for clothing it survives wash after wash only getting softer each time. Its suitable for sensitive skin because its hypoallergenic plus its UV resistant! How cool is that? Naturally hemp can filter out the sun’s harmful rays up to SPF 15 which is pretty impressive on it’s own but during manufacturing they can increase it up to SPF 50! Much like bamboo, which I’ll get to in a moment; hemp is thermal regulating meaning that it has somewhat of a sneaky sixth sense which can tell when you’re too warm and when you’re too cold and then it’ll help cool you down or warm you up.

Bamboo is another popular choice for many manufacturers because it grows super quickly! Its super sustainable because it self regenerates from its own roots and needing no fertiliser bamboo is definitely a good choice especially because it has the same properties as hemp in that it thermal regulates. Combine that with its silky smooth feel bamboo is a   

A lovely bamboo tencel shirt from Mudd & Water AW18

Tencel is amazingly made from wood pulp and because it is light and versatile it’s a popular choice amongst ethical brands. Being 50% more absorbent than cotton and lighter and more breathable tencel is common amongst activewear pieces. Tencel also requires less water and energy than cotton as well as less dye when it comes to colouring the fabric.


FairTrade Fortnight – Cocoa

Fair Trade Fortnight + Chocolate + Recipes


Fairtrade Fortnight began on February 25th and this year’s theme is chocolate! At Calluna Ethical Living we stock a variety of yummy ethical and fair trade chocolate. Two of our most popular brands are Divine and Seed & Bean, we stock Divine in our sister shop Fairtrade Winds and Seed & Bean in Calluna. Both of brands are equally delicious but delightfully different.


Created in a factory in England with just a small team; Seed & Bean’s chocolate is a beautiful mix of classic flavours such as their “Organic Rich Milk Chocolate” and newer, bolder flavours like their “Extra Dark Chocolate with Sweet Orange and Thyme”. Working with the Soil Association they make sure their delicious chocolate is sustainable, fairtrade and organic plus the majority of their chocolate bars are vegan! Working at Calluna means that I’ve tried every single flavour and can testify that they’re all delicious!


Next up, Divine! This is one of the first chocolate brands that I ever tried and it still proves to be a classic favourite amongst myself and many others. They’re one of the more well known fair trade chocolate brands and for good reason; having been first launched in the UK in 1998 they’ve been around for a while. Similarly to Seed & Bean they sell classic flavours such as their “Deliciously Rich Milk Chocolate Bar” and of course they do wackier but equally as yummy flavours like their “Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt”. With an ever changing range of flavours Divine has something for everyone.


Last but not least I’ve found some lovely chocolate-y recipes to share with you, so here you go!


How gorgeous do these meringues look!? If you’re anything like me the fact that the weather is getting warmer is a great relief as winter although filled with good food and snow (if we’re lucky) is not particularly cheerful and as it’s starting to feel something more akin to spring I thought this slightly summier recipe would be appropriate. Gloria Lilley is the creator of this beautiful recipe and is one of Divine’s very own chocolateers! I’ll link the how to for the recipe just below.





From the wonderful Jessie, (@jessie_bakes_) comes this deliciously indulgent vegan brownie recipe. Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with brownies and as these are super easy to whip up they’re low stress and will wow your friends and family with their yumminess. It’s getting to that time of year where everyone’s spring cleaning before the summer so although brownies are great all year long these brownies are especially great with the kick of espresso to give a boost of energy for either before or after your spring cleaning!



Welcome to Calluna Ethical Living

We are Calluna Ethical Living, a family run business based in the heart of Stirling.

Calluna Ethical Living is the sister store to Fair Tradewinds which is situated in Linlithgow, both shops are managed by Grant & Sam.

The idea to open a second shop was born from a passion for the amazing fairtrade and ethical products that are created all over the world but are not so easily available to customers shopping on the high street. We wanted to showcase these products to a wider audience so we opened a second store and have now opened our online shop. Most high streets across Britain are becoming blueprint copies with the same retailers selling the same products. The demand for high quality products which are unique, environmentally conscious and have been made with care has never been higher. In a world of fast fashion, buying into fairtrade and ethical products has far reaching benefits and positive long lasting impacts on the communities. In the words of Harriet Lamb UK Fairtrade Director 2001 – 2012, “Fairtrade is the architecture of hope”.   

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.


A path winds through a bamboo forest in Haleakala Maui, Hawaii.

Why is Bamboo Better?

That’s the plant pandas eat, I can hear you say! Well it’s not just panda food, it is also a super soft, moisture wicking, kind to skin fabric!

And here is the best part bamboo is great for the environment too…

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant it needs only needs rain water to grow, it is 100% biodegradable, you get more bamboo for your money compared to cotton, it grows naturally without any need for pesticides or fertilizers and it’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world!

So with all the positives of bamboo we thought you’d like to know that we stock Thought Bamboo Socks & Clothing.

The socks are luxury soft and they don’t come in boring old colours. They are bright, fun and vibrant designs