At Calluna, one of the most popular products we sell is incense: people of all faiths and backgrounds use incense whether it’s for religious purposes or meditation, just about everyone likes it. Personally, my favourite is definitely jasmine which is a good subtle scent, great for calming nerves, helping with relaxation. So, excellent for meditation.

We stock The Mother’s India Fragrance from Greater Goods, the most beautiful incense, made traditionally in the masala method (a powder of ground ingredients) mixed with natural resin and honey, they are hand rolled to create a far superior and strong incense than others. There are no chemicals used in the masala method only essential oils, flowers and leaves, charcoal and wood powders, the incense we stock is truly natural.

It burns for between 1- 2 hours, slower and the fragrance will last far longer than other.

Not only are The Mother’s India Fragrance fairtrade, Greater Goods donate 5p to charity for every pack of incense sold.

The Mother’s India Fragrance get all of their incense from a company called The Mothers Commerce Company (MCC) which is based in Puducherry, India. They set up around 40 years ago to help combat the unemployment levels among women in the area. Now there are around 125 women employed by them; they have good hours, good wages, paid holiday and medical insurance. MCC also has a money saving scheme, the company allows it employees to save 10% of their wages which MCC then doubles so that when they leave the company they have a good sum of money saved.

The Mother’s India Fragrance and MCC work hard to keep their products sustainable and the best for the environment they can be. For instance they only buy resin from sustainable plantations, they use sea freight to transport their products rather than planes and they have reduced their plastic packaging almost entirely. Greater Goods

The unemployment rates in India are very high so to help do their bit, The Mother’s India Fragrance choose to never use machines so that they can employ more people. Although it can cost more to employ a person and it may take longer for the product to be finished it is worth it in the end if it means that people and their families are able to prosper. 

The marbled paper that wraps the Greater goods incense is handmade in Puducherry, India.
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