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We have some very exciting news to share! The lovely brand White Stuff has launched their first fairtrade collection. They’ve signed a three year agreement with Fairtrade saying that in their first year they’re “Committed to buying 100 metric tonnes of fairtrade cotton” which is wonderful news! All of their new fairtrade clothes are made of organic cotton organic cotton is not only lovely and soft on the skin but it’s also good for the farmers and the earth because organic cotton is made without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers as well as being grown with non-genetically modified seeds. Because there are no synthetic inputs it means the farmers and environment are exposed to less harmful chemicals. Organic farming also means that the soil stays fertile and the farmer can grow more crops.

Fairtrade Organic cotton might be the only sustainable fabric that White Stuff is currently using but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one out there. In celebration of White stuffs new collection I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular sustainable and fair trade fabrics; all of which we stock at Calluna.

Gorgeously cool and breathable hemp dress

Hemp is one of my personal favourites because I love the way it feels against my skin.  Not only does it have a great feel it’s grown without any pesticides and needs hardly any water to grow. It’s also a lot stronger than cotton so when used for clothing it survives wash after wash only getting softer each time. Its suitable for sensitive skin because its hypoallergenic plus its UV resistant! How cool is that? Naturally hemp can filter out the sun’s harmful rays up to SPF 15 which is pretty impressive on it’s own but during manufacturing they can increase it up to SPF 50! Much like bamboo, which I’ll get to in a moment; hemp is thermal regulating meaning that it has somewhat of a sneaky sixth sense which can tell when you’re too warm and when you’re too cold and then it’ll help cool you down or warm you up.

Bamboo is another popular choice for many manufacturers because it grows super quickly! Its super sustainable because it self regenerates from its own roots and needing no fertiliser bamboo is definitely a good choice especially because it has the same properties as hemp in that it thermal regulates. Combine that with its silky smooth feel bamboo is a   

A lovely bamboo tencel shirt from Mudd & Water AW18

Tencel is amazingly made from wood pulp and because it is light and versatile it’s a popular choice amongst ethical brands. Being 50% more absorbent than cotton and lighter and more breathable tencel is common amongst activewear pieces. Tencel also requires less water and energy than cotton as well as less dye when it comes to colouring the fabric.

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