Welcome to Calluna Ethical Living

We are Calluna Ethical Living, a family run business based in the heart of Stirling.

Calluna Ethical Living is the sister store to Fair Tradewinds which is situated in Linlithgow, both shops are managed by Grant & Sam.

The idea to open a second shop was born from a passion for the amazing fairtrade and ethical products that are created all over the world but are not so easily available to customers shopping on the high street. We wanted to showcase these products to a wider audience so we opened a second store and have now opened our online shop. Most high streets across Britain are becoming blueprint copies with the same retailers selling the same products. The demand for high quality products which are unique, environmentally conscious and have been made with care has never been higher. In a world of fast fashion, buying into fairtrade and ethical products has far reaching benefits and positive long lasting impacts on the communities. In the words of Harriet Lamb UK Fairtrade Director 2001 – 2012, “Fairtrade is the architecture of hope”.   

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.


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